The Top 5 Promotional Items for Texas Companies

Texans love Promotional Products.  Texas businesses spent 2.9 Billion on Promotional Products in 2017.  According to a study done by the Advertising Specialty Institute, Texans are two times more likely to prefer promotional products over internet advertising and 54% of us favor American made products.

Overwhelmingly, Texas invests the most dollars in these five categories:

  1. USB Drives and Power Banks.

According to the New York Post, folks living in the United States check their phones every 12 minutes or an average of 80 times per day.   We use our phones for driving directions, connectivity to family, friends, and colleagues.  Our phones tell us how long to cook meatloaf, what time it is in Japan, and any other random topic that pops up over dinner.  And if our phone loses charge – anxiety sets in.  The medical community now recognizes a disorder that results from losing or damaging our phones.  It is called “Nomophobia.”   Companies who choose to put their brand on power banks, (designed to charge phones on the go) are making a great decision.  That logo is going to be seen multiple times a day and become part of the daily uniform.

flash drives promo items

USB Drives are pocket-sized storage devices for Powerpoint presentations, they can convey a marketing message or commercial, and they provide great storage once your cloud or hard drive is maxed out.

In this tech-crazed world, it’s no surprise that smart Texans choose these products to showcase their brand.

promo items charging station

  1. Desktop Accessories

Desktop accessories are a great way to keep your brand in front of customers.  Unlike a television commercial or radio ad (which require that you do not go to the restroom between 3:00 p.m. and 3:02 p.m.), a desktop accessory keeps your brand top of mind all day long.

  1. Headwearpromo hats logo merchandise

There is no doubt that wearables display a logo prominently.   Caps keep your brand in front of the person wearing it and everyone they pass by.  Caps can also be a cost-effective way to mass-advertise.  Decorated caps range in price from $5 – $30 depending on the brand you choose.

  1. Drinkware

Your customer’s new favorite coffee mug or tumbler is an excellent place for your logo to be.  Our favorite cup lives in our car, on our desk, in our cabinets.  Your logo will get exposure several times per week.  Drinkware has become very contemporary – fashion-forward – and there are thousands of great styles available.

  1. Bags

backpack promotional gearBags are a part of the official uniform at work and play whether you are commuting to work or hanging out at the Houston Zoo.  Like caps, t-shirts, polo shirts and button downs, your brand will be front and center wherever it travels.   From Polypropylene totes to Oakley, Adidas, and Ogio backpacks, the options and price points are endless.

Is your company based somewhere other than Texas?   Let us know, and we’ll give you a breakdown of YOUR state’s top five promotional products.