Five Travel Must-Haves for Today’s Road Warrior

You’ve got a sales team and executives who live on the road. They have everything, they’ve tried everything. They have found something irritating about every branded travel product you have provided them in the past. Some of the team travels internationally, and others make short weekly commutes from Chicago to St. Louis. Your job is to find products that make travel easier, more efficient and solve the problems of the road.

This year’s top travel products will display your logo elegantly and impress the impossible to please. Even the guy you can’t believe is allowed to be on the sales team because he doesn’t like people. We’ve got him covered too.

Ifidelity Noise Reduction Warp Bluetooth Headphones

After a long week of presentations, the last thing a road warrior wants is a chatty passenger sitting next to him on a three-hour flight. Bluetooth headphones have become part of the official uniform for the traveler who is cooked. Nothing says, “I’m awake but unavailable” quite like a pair of these. Unlike earbuds, the over-the-ear design creates a social partition respected by even the boldest of seatmates. The noise reduction technology will enable them to ignore people guilt-free because they won’t be able to hear them anyway. They can answer a call, or change a song directly from the headphones themselves. Don’t know what you should spend? Ask the hermit in your sales department what he would pay for headphones that make him socially invisible.

The Elleven Axis 17″ TSA Travel Backpack


Those who makes short commutes via airline have their trip timed right down to the second. These folks know exactly how long it should take to get from the plane to the rental car. Baggage claim is the enemy of an efficiently timed departure from the airport. They need one bag that will hold a change of clothes for two days, shoes, a laptop, and paperwork. Problem solved. The Elleven Traverse does all of that, and it is checkpoint friendly too. The laptop stays in the bag and butterflies open on its ride through the x-ray machine. No tray required. Commuters cannot live without this one; they just don’t know it yet.

Relay 20,000 MAH Power Bank

For travelers, their smartphones and tablets are their lifelines. They rely on their devices to stay connected and any length of time without a phone could be dire. With this 20,000 MAH Power Bank, you can confidently tell your executives that they can go to Europe for an entire week and never need to plug into a wall outlet. 20,000 MAH means that you can charge a smartphone from a dead battery to 100% nearly ten times on a single charge. An output rate of 2.1 means you can power a tablet almost five times. Your team is no longer required to plug their many devices into the lamp at the Marriott. They’ve got the freedom to charge their phone untethered for several days. Your stock just went up. Big time.

Skross World Travel Adapter PRO World & USB

International travel means going to countries with outlets that don’t get along with American plugs. The Skross WorldTravel Adapter PRO will convert all over the world (150 different countries to be exact). Your executives will be thrilled to know that their Conair hairdryers and Sonicare toothbrushes will be operational from Cairo to Timbuktu.




ANKR Bluetooth Tracker

Frequent travelers tend to lose things. Important things. They misplace things like car keys and wallets. It’s not uncommon for an exhausted traveler to arrive in the airport parking garage ready for the weekend, only to discover that their car keys are sitting in a board room halfway across the country. The ANKR Bluetooth tracker is a game changer. Just attach the ANKR device to a set of keys (or anything else travelers tend to forget), and when you travel out of the zone, the device will alert your smartphone that you have left the object behind. Your salespeople won’t even have to remember that they forgot. The item they’ve left behind will alert them and give them walking (or driving) directions to find it. If that doesn’t make you the office hero, we don’t know what will.

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