A Buyer’s Guide: Employee Uniforms

Buying employee uniforms is challenging, and it’s expensive too. Every industry, including yours, has specific needs based on the workplace environment.  

If you’ve had more bad experiences than good ones buying corporate apparel, you’ve come to the right place. From Healthcare to Oil & Gas, we offer options that are made specifically for the challenges you face. 

Do any of the below problems sound familiar? We’re here to solve them.

Help!  My sales team is attending the biggest industry trade show of the year, and most of them are iron-avoidant. 

We understand your concern. Even those who would iron may not find the time. Tradeshows mean your team is entertaining clients late into the evening and then hitting the tradeshow floor at 8:00 am. There are many wrinkle-resistant polo options designed specifically for employees who have overslept. Easy Care fabrics are designed to resist wrinkles and come right out of the suitcase ready to wear. Your Work-hard-play-hard sales team may blow out of bed with their anxiety at an all-time high, but you can rest easy knowing that when they arrive on the tradeshow floor – they will be wrinkle free. Here is one of our favorites:  

Employee uniform golf shirt

Help!   My company owns restaurants in multiple locations.   My employees are seasonal, so I can’t spend a lot.  I need something breathable that won’t show sweat!

We get it.   You have a high rate of turnover and a significant amount of perspiration during the lunch and dinner rush. The good news is there are many polo shirts designed for your unique challenge. Not only do we offer options that will be breathable and resist sweat and odors – but they won’t break the bank when they go walking out of those double doors in six months or less. Polyester has come a long way baby! It’s called performance fabric for a reason, and it’s not just for athletes. It’s designed to wick moisture away from the body and prevent odors from absorbing into the fabric in the first place. No matter how profusely the sweat pours out of a waiter in the weeds, rest assured that the only odor that will fill your restaurant is that of deliciousness. Put this one to the test:  

low cost employee uniform solutions

Help!   We are a logistics company, and our employees are moving boxes and equipment all day, every day.   The shirts we have are snagging and pilling and look terrible after only a week!

Indeed, we understand. There is nothing worse than having an employee show up at a client’s location looking as though several cats have just attacked them. Your employees work hard, and they need apparel that does too. Snag-Proof (not snag resistant) technology is what you need. We have polos that are chemically treated to withstand constant friction and remain snag-free for the life of the shirt. Our team took a WIRE BRUSH to this one and couldn’t make it snag after 5 minutes. Cats don’t stand a chance. We think you’re going to love this one:  

warehouse employee uniform options

Help!   My executives have expensive taste and like high-end polo shirts with a brand name!   Do you even have access to that?

We sure do. Not only do we have access to most brands at retail, but we also specialize in helping you choose a brand that aligns with your company’s value system and message to the market. Co-branding with another company sends a combined message to the market. Which brand partner speaks your language? Nike, Adidas, Cutter & Buck, Calloway, Under Armor, Ogio, Eddie Bauer? None of the above? No problem, we’ve got access to dozens more.  

Executive golf shirt options

Help! I don’t see my problem here! Who should I contact?

Problem-solving is what we do. We may not be able to solve problems like heartburn or an out-of-control teenager, but we’ve got your branding challenges covered.