3 Ways Promotional Products Can Help Lower Healthcare Costs

For businesses, both large and small, employee health care is a massive expense. For decades now, costs have continued to rise due to several factors that are outside of our control. However, research suggests that the most significant contributing factor to high premiums and deductibles is within our control.  There is an epidemic of chronic disease in this country. The four leading causes of death are heart disease, cancer, stroke, and chronic lower respiratory disease. These are preventable in many cases, and they cost much less to treat and are more likely to be cured if found in the early stages. The treatment of chronic diseases can cost employers five times that of healthy employees. So, how can promotional products help motivate employees to lead an active and healthy lifestyle to prevent these illnesses? We’ve got some ideas.

Introduce a Fitness Program that Encourages Teams to Compete for Results. 
Implement a fitness contest such as a weight loss program where employees are encouraged to sign up. Group these volunteers into competing teams of four to five people. Each group can come up with their team name and, they work together to lose as much weight as possible over sixty days. Before you know it, you will see employees walking together during their lunch hour or agreeing to meet at the gym after work. We’ve even seen teams come up with a weekly low-calorie menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only does this improve their health, but it fosters camaraderie and a fun environment at the office. When the competition is over, all teams will compile their results. The team who has lost the most combined weight wins a company-branded JBL Speaker, Power Bank, or an Adidas or Nike jacket for each individual. The sky is the limit on merchandise (within any budget) that will motivate employees. 

Provide a Smoking Cessation Program that Rewards Employees for Milestones Reached.
Smoking will not only change the trajectory of a person’s life, but it will also impact their pocketbook as well. The savings the employee (and the organization) will realize when their insurance designation changes from “tobacco user” to “non tobacco user” is significant. Consider a program where teams of two sign up to hold each other accountable. Place a milestone at week one, week two, and a significant milestone at thirty days – the point at which the habit is considered broken. Each milestone hit will
receive a branded promotional product as a reward and incentive to keep going. We can provide several options in a good, better, best format to keep employees striving to make it to the next week.
Educate Employees on Health-Related Topics Through Monthly Lunch N’ Learns.
Education is essential and can change lives. Motivate employees to sign up for monthly lunch n’ learns on various health-related topics through branded merchandise (and food, of course). If you provide lunch that will help with attendance, but it also helps if they know they will leave the meeting with promotional items provided by the company. Depending on the topic, we can provide a wellness kit featuring your logo that ties into
the theme of the month. If the subject is about the benefits of drinking enough water, we can pair a lunch cooler with a water bottle. If the topic is regarding the benefits of walking an hour a day, we can provide a pedometer, a t-shirt, and a tote bag. The options are endless to motivate employees to learn more about how to live life a healthy lifestyle.